Sunday, December 11, 2011

Vehicle Animation. 15 seconds ~

 1st try animation with maya modeling, render and after effect sound, so sad no time to do it... TT

Saturday, December 10, 2011

DFA Project 2 . The Destroyer ~

 Year 2 seen I Drawing for Animation Project 2, Concept Design 2... Quite rush, because we only have 3 weeks to finish this project... At the Same time we also have other project to finish... Any way, after today, submission for this,lfeel so free... haha^^

Monday, December 5, 2011


That's a saying, "Rainbow always came after the rain"... All the suffering and hard time I having now, I try to think positive. One day, everything will be fine and I will see the result, what I fight for it now... But, at the same time I still remember... Rainbow, didn't come easily, need a lot of condition just can formed the rainbow... I try to learn whatever I may be have to use them in the future... But, there is impossible for me to learn and handle everything... Always finding someone can always help be, always there for me... Can't simply judge anything and decided anything... Life is full with regret... Always like the third person, watching everything... Keep thinking, what if I in that situation what I will do...Which I will choose... Can't really make my mind to do it... Human, just can't easy accept the truth...